The Moplah Rebellion 1921

The Moplah Rebellion or the Malabar Rebellion is a peasant movement was stated in 1921 among the peasants of Malabar. It was extension of Khilafat movement in Kerala 1921. The Moplah tenants were Muslims and they against the Hindu landlords and British government. The meetings conducted by the Congress and Khilafat are declared as illegal. The rebellions stated to revolt against British in Eranad and Valluvanad taluk of Malabar.

Source : Wikipedia

The Mappilas attacked and took the control of polic station, British government office courts and government treasuries. the Mappilas also attacked and killed jemins of the Hindu Nair and Brahmin Nambuduiri castes. For more than two months the administration remains in the hands of rebellions. Later the Hindu landlords helped British to suppress the rebellions. The major leaders of the Moplahs are Variyankunnath Kunjahammed Haji, Seethi Koya Thangal of Kumaranpathor, Ali Musliyar.

By end of December 1921 this movement was suppressed with the help of special police called Malabar Special Police (MSP).