Self-Respect movement Or Suyamariyathai iyakkam

Self-Respect movement Or Suyamariyathai iyakkam was started by E.V. Ramasamy (thanthai periyar) in Tamil Nadu in 1925. The main aim of the movement was to have equal right to human, to eradicate cast based system. The movement was not only in tamil nadu but also in Malaysia and Singapore. Initially periya was in congress due to some reason he left the congress.

Source : Wikipedia

The goal Self-Respect movement is to have Rights to lead life with dignity and self-respect and do away with the exploitative system based on superstitions and beliefs. The aim is to abolish the social evil practice and protection of women's rights. He encouraged and supported inter-caste marriages and widow-remarriages. Periyar also popularized Self-Respect Marriages by mutual consent, which was conducted without any Brahmin priest or religious ritual.

There are other two Parties in Tamil nadu one is Swaraj and other is Justice Party but the Swaraj party was dominated by Brahmins nut Justice party was dominated by non-Brahmins and was supporting reservation for non-Brahmins in public service and education. However he not joined the party but he was organizing self-respect speech in various conferences in 1929 in Chengalpattu and in 1930 in Erode.

In 1930, Periyar supported a bill in the Madras assembly for the abolition of the Devadasi system under which young girls were attached to Hindu temples as sex workers. Periyar described this system as a disgrace to Hindu religion.

In 1938 C.Rajgopalachari, as Chief Minister of Madras Presidency made Hindi as a compulsory language in schools. Periyar started to oppose it due to which he arrested and imprisoned. He elected the leader of Justice Party from jail. Later Ramaswami Naicker founded the Dravida Kazhagam in 1945.Due to his second marriage (to his 28 years old secretary) the party has divided in to two. In 1949 C.Annadurai founded the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam-DMK. The dravida kazhagam was formed initially later DMK, ADMK etc. are formed.