Munda Rebellion

Munda Rebellion is one of the tribal rebellions in 19th century. Birsa Munda led this movement in the region south of Ranchi in 1899-1900. the ulgulan, meaning 'Great Tumult', sought to establish Munda Raj and independence. The Mundas traditionally enjoyed a preferential rent rate as the khuntkattidar or the original clearer of the forest. But in course of the 19th century they had seen this khuntkatti land system being eroded by the jagirdars and thikadars coming as merchants and moneylenders.

Source : Wikipedia

The rebellion aimed to drive away the British and establish Munda Raj or Munda rule in this region. The main goal is to disallow the non-tribal people into the tribal regions. The rebellion came to be called Ulugan or the Great Tumult. Birsa Munda was a strong young man . He claimed to be God's representative , born to protect the Mundas .

Some of non-tribals where occupyingthe forest land like zamindars, jagirdars and thikadars, Which Birsa Munda strongly opposed. Munad formers where ill-treated by the moneyenders and the zamindars.

Birsa Munda strongly fight against the act by moneyenders and the zamindars. He advised the Munda Farmers not to pay rent to the zamindars. Birsa Munda started the revolt in the Chotha Nagpur region. The entire Munda community joined together under his leadership. They attacked British officials missionaries and police stations. However,the British captured Birsa Munda and suppressed the rebels.