Kisan Sabha (1919-1922)

Awadh farmers were suffering because of very bad due to exorbitant rents, renewal fees and bedakhali had made the life of peasants tough. This is the main reason for establishment of U.P kisan sabha. At the time the First World War was broke out and its been on its peak. Se price of all essential goods where went to its peak. The farmer had to pay Larai Chanda (War contribution) during World War I.

Source : Wikipedia

Due to the effort of Home rule league this moment was started in 1918 through the the effort of Gauri Sankar Mishra and Indra Narain Dwivedi with support of Madan Mohan Malaviya. By June 1919, the Up kisan sabha had 45Q branches. Other prominent leaders included Jhinguri Singh, Durgapal Singh and Baba Ramchandra.

However due to lack of unit in farmers and other factors favored British. Due to which the moment has been suppressed.