Khilafat Movement

This movement was started to show the Muslim opposition to British for the Caliph of Turkey. The Muslims of India had their grievances against the British.

Abdul Hamid II was the emperor of Ottoman form 1876 to 1909. The ottoman emperor was the supreme religious and political leader of all Sunni Muslims across the world. The Firet World War ended with the defeat of Germany along with the allies including Turkey The Ottoman Empire under the Turkish Sultan was broken up and the territories were shared by Britain and France. The Muslims in India protested against the humiliation of the Turkish Caliph, Who was also their religious head.

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The Ali brothers Mohammed Ali and Shaukat Ali and joined with other leaders like Maulana Abdul Bari, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad organized a mass movement of the Muslims known as the Khilafat Movement.

Gandhiji whole heartedly supported the Khilafat cause, as he felt that the Indain Muslims were genuinely aggrieved over the wrong done to Turkey. In the Khilafat Movement Gandhiji saw an opportunity of Hindu-Muslim unity.