All Indian Home Rule League

Bala Gangadhar Tilak Formed the Indian Home Rule League in Bombay (Mumbai) in April 1916 after his release from prison in 1914 Mrs. Annie Besent also .started a Home Rule League in Madras (Chennai) September 1916. Tilak setup the Home Rule League at Bombay Provincial conference held at Belgaum in April 1916. The two leagues carried on propaganda in favour of Home Rule or Self Government of India.

Source : Wikipedia

1. To establish self or Home government

2. To educate people in national wide mainly in political and social reforms.

Mrs. Annie Besant created tremendous enthusiasm among the people by her speeches and writings. Her paper "New India" was banned. Motilal Nehru and C.R.Das supported the movement led by Mrs.Annie Besant.

in 1917 Montford reforms was present before the British Parliament. The reforms promised responsible Government in India. So Annie Besant turned 'Pro-British'. Tilak went to England to file a legal suit against Valentine Chirol.ln Book published by Valentine Chirol he mentioned Tilak was the responsible for the agitation politics that came to India and he also mentioned that "Father of Indian Unrest" as Tilak. Gandhi actively took part in Indian politics, which bring more youth to join congress. This led to decline of the Home Rule League. In 1917 Besant had dropped her league but Tilak continued.