Eka Movement

Eka unity movement is a peasant movement raised in the area Hardoi, Barabanki and Sitapur In 1921. Initially this movement was led by Congress and Khilafat Leaders and Later Madari Pasi and other low caste leaders. The reason behind the movement is,

Source : Wikipedia

1. High rent, it was recorded more than 50% in some areas.

2. Oppression of Thekedar (the people who owns the land) in change of revenue collection.

3. Practice of share-rent.

The Eka meetings were marked by a religious ritual, where peasants vowed
(promised) that they would,

1. Not pay extra tax; they will only pay the recoded rent.

2. Whenever they evicted by higher official they will not leave the place.

3. Refuse to do force labor.

4. Will not help any criminals.

5. Should obey Panchayat decisions.

6. Without receipt they will not pay any money.

Even small zamindaris were supported this movement. By 1922, due to severe repression by government Eka Movement vanished.