The Chauri chaura incident 1922

When the Non Co-operation movement was fell swing, Gandhiji advised his follower not to involve in violence. But at Chaun chaura (Gorakhpur) in Uttar Pradesh, On February 5,1922 a procession of 1000 peasants was organized to picket a liquor shop. Local administration sent armed police to control the situation, The police fired at the peasants. In retailation the angry peasants attacked and burnt the police station kiling 22 police men.

Source : Wikipedia

Gandhiji was upset and suspended the Non-co-operation movement immediately in Congress leaders met at Bardoli, but very soon Gandhi was arrested on Marc 10, 1922 and sentenced to six years imprisonment. The activities of the national movement were suspended for some years. During this period, Gandhiji worked for Hindu Muslim Unity, removal of untouchability and uplift of women. removal of untouchability and uplift of women.