Bardoli Satyagraha

The Bardoli Satyagraha was started in the year 1926, against British Raj in the state of Gujarat. It was consider as major civil dis-obedience movement. The main reason behind the movement is the British Raj raised the land revenue by 30 percent in January 1926. The congress leader started to protest against it and a Bardoli Inquiry Committee was set up to go into the issue. This was led by Vallabhai Patel and became most successful movement and promoted Vallabhai Patel as one of the main leader of independence movement. The women of Bardoli gave "Sardar" title to vallabhai patel.

Source : Wikipedia

Initially Patel wrote a letter to Governor to reduce the taxes back to normal, but Governor announced the tax collation dates. So Patel instructed all farmers of Bardoli taluka to refuse payment of their taxes. He divides the Bardoli in to 13 zones and appointed the leader to it. Those who oppose the movement faced social boycott.

In August 1928, protects of railway strike happened in Bombay. Gandhi also came to Bardoli to stand for the farmers. Now the pressure build up in the government side and the committee suggested raising the revenue hike by 6 percent only. The farmer where celebrating their victory but Patel still struggling for the farmers who lost their land to British.