Arya Samaj

Swami Dayananda Saraswathi founded the Arya Samaj in 1875. His original name was Mul Shankar. He was born in a well to do family in Morvi state in Kathiawar. Early in his childhood formed place and studied Sanskrit and become a greate Scholar. He mastered the Sanskrit and became the disciple of Swami Virjanand.

Source : Wikipedia

Dayanda Saraswathi found out that the Vedas contained all the truth and he devoted his life to the propagation of Vedas. So his motto was 'Go back to Vedas'. He put before the people some of the attractive elements of Ancient Vedic Society and in this way he created the feeling of self-confidence and Self-respect.

The Arya Samaj condemned animal sacrifice, idol worship, ritualism and the idea of heaven and hell and the concept of fatalism. He started the "Suddhi Movement" a ritual to reconvert the Hindus who had been converted to other religions earlier.

The Arya Samaj opposed child marriage, Polygamy, Purdha system, casteism and sati and advocated women education, inter caste marriage and inter-dining. It insisted on education of the women and uplifting the depressed classes. The Samaj started a number of schools all over the country to impact English and Vedic education, called Dayananda Anglo Vedic (DAV) School and Collages.

His Followers were Lala Lajpat Rai, Lala Hansraj and Pandit Guru Dutt. Hus principles and philosophy deeply influenced the greate leaders like Bala Gangadhara Tilak and Gopala Krishna Gokhale. He was the first Indian who preached the gospel of 'Swadeshi' dia for Indans'. He was often described as the 'Martin Luther of Hinduism'.