Aligarh Movement

The Aligarh Movement was started by Sir Syed Ahamed Khan, a judicial officer under the British government. This was the first and the most important movement for the spread of modern education and social reforms among Muslims.

Source : Wikipedia

He started a school at Ghazipur in 1864. It was called as the scientific society which translated many scientific works into Urdu and published them His greatest achievement was the establishment of the Mohammaden Anglo Oriental Collage at Aligarh in 1875, Later it developed into Aligarh Muslim University. The reform movement started by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan was called the Aligarh Movement. He reformed the Muslim Society through his writings. He was in favour of the abolition of purdah system and education of women. He propagated his views and ideals of his society througn tne newspaper called Tahzil-ud-Akhalaq (Reform of Morals). He said that the Hindus and the Muslims are two eyes of the beautiful bird that was India. He did yeoman service Tor uplifting the muslims.