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1) On Children's day, sweets were to be equally distributed among 175 children in a school. Actually on the children's day, 35 children were absent and therefore each child got four sweets extra. How many sweets were available in all for distribution
A) 2480B) 2680
C) 2750D) 2800
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Answer : 2800

2) A person is to go up a tree 60 feet high. In every second, he climbs 5 feet but slips down four feet. After how many seconds, will he be able to reach the top of the tree
A) 60 secondsB) 59 seconds
C) 56 secondsD) 58 seconds
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Answer : 56 seconds

3) Name the Indian men's hockey team main coach who resigned from his post because of a pay dispute with the Sports Authority of India (SAI)
A) Peter FernandesB) Terry Walsh
C) Richard AllenD) Michael Nobbs
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Answer : Terry Walsh

4) A national emergency remains in operation, with the approval of the Parliament, for :
A) maximum period of three yearsB) maximum period of one year
C) maximum period of six monthsD) Indefinite period
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Answer : Indefinite period

5) Which monument at Delhi is considered as precursor of the Taj Mahal
A) The Safdarjung tombB) The Moti Masjid
C) The Humayun's tombD) None of the above
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Answer : The Humayun's tomb

6) A person starts from a point A and travels 3 km eastwards to B; then turns left and travels thrice that distance to reach C. He again turns left and travels five times the distance he covered between A & B and reaches his destination D. The shortest distance between the starting point and the destination is :
A) 12 kmB) 15 km
C) 16 kmD) 18 km
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Answer : 15 km

7) The remains of Vijayanagar kingdom can be found in :
A) BijapurB) Golkunda
C) HampiD) Bidar
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Answer : Hampi

MATHEMATICS > Time_and_Distance
8) A train, when it moves at an average speed of 40 kmph, reaches its destination on time, When its average speed becomes 35 kmph, it reaches its destination 15 minutes late. Find the length of the journey
A) 70 kmB) 60 km
C) 80 kmD) None of the above
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Answer : 70 km

\begin{aligned} \text{Timing differences is = 15 min}\\ = \frac{1}{4} hr\\ \text{Length of journey bex km}\\ \text{Therfore,}\frac{x}{35} -\frac{x}{40} = \frac{1}{4}\\ \text{8x- 7x= 70}\\ x = 70 km\\ \end{aligned}

9) A shopkeeper sold a TV set for RS 17940 at a discount of 8 PERC and gained 19.6 PERC. If no discount is allowed, what will be his gain percent
A) 25 PERCB) 36.4 PERC
C) 30 PERCD) None of these
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Answer : 30 PERC

10) Find the next term in the series A, D, G, J, ?
A) KB) l
C) MD) N
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Answer : M