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1) During a cycle of processes, the heat transfers are +120 kJ, 16 kJ,-48 kJ and +12 kJ What is the net work for the cycle
A) 60000 N-mB) 68000 N-m
C) 120000 N-mD) 44000 N-m
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Answer : 68000 N-m

2) An adiabatic process is one in which
A) no heat enters or leaves the gasB) the temperature of the gas changes
C) the change in internal energy is equal to the mechanical work doneD) all of these
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Answer : all of these

3) Work done in a free expansion process is
A) PositiveB) Negative
C) zeroD) minimum
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Answer : zero

4) In mechanical refrigeration system, the refrigerant has the maximum temperature
A) in evaporatorB) before expansion valve
C) between compressor and condenserD) between condenser and evaporator
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Answer : between condenser and evaporator

5) When a current of 2 A flows through a copper wire for 3 micro-seconds, what is the approximate number of electrons crossing the cross-section of the wire during that time (charge of electron = 1.6x10-19C)
A) 3.75 x 1011B) 3.75 x 1012
C) 3.75 x 1013D) 3.75 x 1014
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Answer : 3.75 x 1014

6) An electric heating element is to be designed to dissipate 450 W on 250 V mains and is to be made from Nichrome ribbon of width 1 mm and thickness 0.05 mm. If the resistivitv of Nichrome is 1.10 x 10-8 - m, what is the length of the ribbon required
A) 63.1 mB) 6.31 m
C) 6310 mD) 631 m
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Answer : 631 m

7) Who among the following was appointed as the Chairman of Quality Council of India (QCI) - in September 2014
A) Vishal SenguptaB) Adil Zainulbhai
C) Alyque Pad amseeD) Abdul Zainlabuddin
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Answer : Adil Zainulbhai

8) Who has been awarded the GK Reddy Memorial award, 2014, for outstanding contribution to journalism
A) BarkhaDuttB) Vinod Mehta
C) Vinod DuaD) Nalini Singh
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Answer : Vinod Mehta

9) With which art form would you associate Amrita Shergil
A) Vocal musicB) Classical dance
C) PaintingD) Sculpture
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Answer : Painting

10) Which state of India is famous for the Snake boat races
A) KarnatakaB) Andhra Pradesh
C) MaharashtraD) Kerala
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Answer : Kerala