1) In computer terminology a bus is a/an
A) electronic track systemB) part of register
C) Data transfer pathD) part of a CPU
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Answer : Data transfer path

2) Which was the bulkiest PC
A) Ist Generation ComputerB) IInd Generation Computer
C) IIIrd Generation ComputerD) IVth Generation Computer
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Answer : Ist Generation Computer

3) Which of the following is a storage device that uses rigid, permanently installed magnetic disks to store data/information
A) Floppy disketteB) Hard disc
C) Permanent diskD) none of these
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Answer : Hard disc

4) CD-ROM is a
A) Magnetic memoryB) Secondary memory
C) Semiconductor memoryD) Memory register
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Answer : Secondary memory

5) The speed of the world's fastes super computer is
A) 33.88 petaflopsB) 33.87 petaflops
C) 33.86 petaflopsD) 33.83 petaflops
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Answer : 33.86 petaflops

6) The refresh rate of a monitor is measured in
A) pixelB) bit
C) hertzD) dot-pitch
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Answer : pixel

7) Consider the following five processes with the length of the CPU burst time given in milliseconds together with arrival time and priority. In priority scheduling the average turn around time will be
A) 20.6 ms
B) 18.6 ms
C) 21.6 ms
D) 22.5 ms
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Answer : 20.6 ms

8) The brain of a computer is
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Answer : CPU