1) Sunita rode her scooty northwards, then turned left and then again rode to her left 4 km. She found herself exactly 2 kms west of her starting point. How far did she ride northwards initially
A) 2 kmB) 4 km
C) 5 kmD) 6 km
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Answer : 4 km

Sandeep Says on 02/09/2015 06:09:41 pm :

I want solution of this question. Not able to understand the problem

sarves Says on 21/03/2016 03:22:46 pm :

i need explanation

Rajan Says on 09/05/2016 05:01:02 am :

Lets assume the starting point of sunita be A, she drives northward nd mark that point as B, then she takes left (this distance is also not mentioned and they said she takes another left) , so mark this point as c, and then she takes another left nd rode 4 km. Mark this point as D . Now the ques says she found herself exactly 2 km west of her starting point , That means distance between D and A is 2 km. Join D and A. This will become a complete rectangle. That means the distance of opposite lines are same. So the line opposite to A and B is C and D. Distance of line C and D is 4 km so the Distance of A and B is also 4 km.

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